Rearrange is a skill and everyone needs to learn.

The ability to rearrange is a life skill.    Life happens, families change, death happens. We as humans need to be able to rearrange and restructure our lives and schedules.  When I was a little girl, I really hated to have to rearrange my room or my space. I had to learn where all of stuff was and figure out a new normal and flow.  What I didn’t realize was that my family was preparing me for life. I am constantly re-configuring my life.  In the past few years, my father died, my grandmother died and my mother-in passed died a month later.  My husband were granted guardianship of his 16 year old nephew and so I have had to rearrange my life what feels like a thousand times over again.  So much has happened, and all i can do is rearrange, pick myself up, pick up my family and keep it moving.  So being able to rearrange has become a skill and in a lot of ways, a privileged.


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