Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…


This is my first ever blog… EVER! I never even had to do one for a college class or anything. So this will be interesting for both you and me, dear reader.  Well, I hope that there is a reader. Anyway, as the title suggests, let’s start at the very beginning.  My name is Jessica. In real life, I am a college administrator. I love my job, it challenges me, inspires me and sometimes, changes me. This blog isn’t about that. It may come up from time to time, but right now, this blog is all about nails. I love manicures. Getting my nails done always made me feel better. I can have a nice manicure and it doesn’t matter that I am not a size two, or that I don’t shop in the “right” stores, whatever that means. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t eat the healthiest foods, or that my skin isn’t perfect.  If my nails look good, none of that matters. I immediately feel more put together and on top of the world. Hell, with a good manicure, I could take over the world. I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way.

It’s funny that I feel this way, because for the majority of my life I have been a chronic nail biter. Despite this, I always loved to get my nails done. I loved the smell of the salon, the pinching feeling when the nail tech pushes back your cuticle, everything. And about an hour after I left the salon, my nails would be all chewed up or chipped. As I got older, I got a little better about it. I tried everything, from having a rubber band on my wrist to flick instead of biting, that nasty tasting nail polish, but nothing worked.

And then one day, my good friend Michele invited me to an online Jamberry Nail Wrap party.  My lovely readers, when I first saw these things I didn’t think much of them. In fact, I had just tried out the press on nail polish you get in a pharmacy and they didn’t last long at all. I figured, well, I’ll support Michele, but I don’t think I’ll like this. I played the games, followed along and eventually purchased my very first set of nail wraps.   It was October, and I need something fun for Halloween. Which is my least favorite holiday. Remember when I said I was a college admin?? Anyway. This is what I purchased: https://www.jamberry.com/product/dia-de-los-muertos#.VfuOi_9RHIU . Aren’t they fun?? I waited about  a week for them and when I got them I was still a little hesitant. Well, a lot hesitant.  I figured they wouldn’t last, and I’m not very coordinated so I figured they would be difficult to put and they wouldn’t last. Man, was I wrong. I’m sure I have a picture somewhere and once I figure out how to post pictures, I will. They were so cute and easy and they lasted for like a week.

The best part? I couldn’t bite my nails. They are made out of a vinyl that is very hard to bite through. And my nails looked so nice, I didn’t want to attempt to mess them up. Maybe I wasn’t completely sold right away. It may not have been until my third or fourth party that I eventually came around and thought well, this is just as good and cheaper then a salon manicure.

Fast forward a year, quite  a few different styles and parties and now I’m a Jamberry Consultant as well. That’s right. I get PAID to have nice nails. How freaking crazy?  I also get to help others have incredibly beautiful nails too.   Dear reader, please know that while I am a consultant, this blog is about nails and manicures.  I plan on post all kinds of things about manicures, and yes, Jamberry Nail Wraps will find their way onto this page but it’s only a part of this.  I want this to be so much more. I want it to be about having healthy, beautiful nails and the confidence that goes with it.


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